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Got Iguanas?

If you live in South Florida, of course you do! And their numbers are growing. A recent broadcast report by Terri Parker of WPBF-News in West Palm Beach revealed there could be millions of them out there. And, as they encroach your property to feed on their favorite plants, they can wreck the foundation of your home along the way. Their burrowing will undermine seawalls, sidewalks, roofs, patios, and levees as they feast on your valuable landscaping. If you have a second story home, Iguanas will eat their way up to your balcony while munching on colorful bougainvillea.

A Gnawing Problem

Internet service has been interrupted by iguanas climbing up power lines and chewing through cables. A spokesman for Florida Power and Light reported that, in South Florida, iguanas are the second leading cause of power outages, behind squirrels.

Although Iguanas are vegetarian, they will bite you and your pets. Veterinarians are reporting an increase in dogs being bitten by iguanas or slashed by their razor-sharp tails.

And why are we on the subject of Iguana damages today? Because, typically, homeowner’s insurance policies exclude damages caused by reptiles, rodents, insects, birds, etc. Most pest infestations and the accompanying damage are considered maintenance issues by insurance carriers. The insurance companies are counting on you to prevent those kinds of mishaps by eradicating the problem before it reaches Godzilla-like devastation.

Defending Your Turf

Pallant / NSi Insurance Group wants to help you be proactive in avoiding the kinds of damages that are outside the perimeters of your homeowner’s insurance policy. The following resources are provided with that in mind:

If you would like to learn more about the invasive, infringing intruding iguana, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is an excellent resource. You will find an abundance of information and publications as well as a schedule of public workshops around South Florida. FWC recommends the following as the first line of defense in protecting your property:

  • Remove plants that act as attractants.
  • Fill in holes to discourage burrowing.
  • Hang wind chimes or other items that make intermittent noises.
  • Hang CDs that have reflective surfaces.
  • Spray the animals with water as a deterrent.

If you would like to print some of FWC’s full-color posters on this topic, you can access them on the website as well. These publications are an easy to read quick reference for everything you every wanted to know about this rascally reptile.

Show Us Your Iguanas!
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If you have questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact one of our expertly trained Pallant Insurance Agents.